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Things to do in Crookwell

Updated: Sep 24

Shopping in Crookwell is abuzz on Friday and Saturday's worth the drive through rural splendour to browse the country stores, and sample the eclectic shopping on offer.


Class act comes to Crookwell

Ensemble and Co is the new class act for Crookwell.

Dried hops cascading down like lianas from the high ceiling to New York style chairs in the coffee hub before an ensemble of chic store-lets.

Attractive fashion, Italian ceramics and select homewares line the walls with towering wooden ceilings and a well-stocked nursery at the rear with a surprising range.

Billie and Adrian have laid bright copper sheeting over their barista station with brass coffee stands towering above the bench. It's innovative and an eye-catcher.

Billie and Adrian have laid bright copper sheeting over their barista station with brass coffee stands towering above the bench. It's innovative and an eye-catcher.

"The show stopper for coffee gurus is the coffee bar at the entrance."

Attractive fashion, italian ceramics and select homewares line the walls with towering wooden ceilings.

Cocooning is the new “thang”

Cocooning is the new buzz word with folks staying in and making their home a haven.

Indoor spaces are being created to be attractive and comforting.

Crookwell offers a short escape to the country to gather these home treasures. This quaint rural town is just 1.5 hours from Canberra and around the same from the Southern Highlands.

The trip from Sydney is around 2.5 hours but made a getaway with comfortable overnight stays. Crookwell is a green oasis in the heights of the Upper Lachlan with rolling grass hills and rich pasture. The drive from Sydney is a glide through rural panorama, to the historic town of Goulburn, and then uphill to the hamlet of Crookwell.


Continue your “cocooning” journey to Country Bunches

Crookwell Florist with a flourish of flair


Country Bunches florist is right next door to Ensemble and Co.

It carries on the flora theme with stands of table plants, indoors and potted colour. Inside are fragrant candles, trendy ceramics and decoratives to make those indoor spaces replete with items to sooth and satisfy.

" make those indoor spaces replete with items to sooth and satisfy."

Savvy Crookwell shoe store


" If you love rural fashion or country style, you will find it in this store! "

Renown for country boots and for the staples of Akubra, Drizabone and Thomas Cook, Crookwell Footwear and Workwear is your destination.

You will also find cowgirl bling and things for country kids like boots and collectable farm animals.


Crookwell is a hidden gem as a rural hub between major centres of Sydney, Canberra, the Illawarra and the Southern Highlands.

It’s unique for its landscape and the things that remind you that you are in the country, like wood fires in the pubs and cafes, and the occasional “perfumed” cattle truck gliding through town.


Top Paddock Goods

Just down from Country Bunches is Top Paddock. Bring the rustic to a modern interior with country style decorator products from this shop.

"Fashion and personal products abound, as well as some locally made products, distinctive jewellery and adorable things for the children. "

Just in case you didn't know, “top paddock” refers to the best pasture for livestock and is usually on a rise. This store fits comfortably in the rural setting of Crookwell where everything is on the rise being 900 metres above sea level.


Emporium of winter woollies and Uggs

Across the street is Crookwell Emporium. Authentic products grown, developed and made locally.

Featuring organic lavender, hand made chocolates, jams and pickles, fashionwear, knitwear, quilting, lambswool and alpaca products.

Cocoon your feet with Ridgi Didge Ugg Boots and a range of feet warmers for cool winter nights inside.

If you see something you like and could not decide at the time, Emporium can mail it to you!

Just part of the country service in Crookwell.


Crookwell is well-known for its annual garden festival and for its world renown sock shop.

Splendiferous socks!

Jumpers for your feet would describe the joy of slipping on a Lindner sock on those cool, wintery nights when binge watching your favourite series.

(Photo credit: Jay Lioz Photography)

Lindner Socks are made on-site using vintage machinery and are individually hand-finished. Go there through the week and you may get to see the meticulous, mechanical marvels that knit and primp the socks for your pleasure.

"Lindner Socks are knitted mostly from locally sourced wool and Alpaca."

There is more than socks at the Lindner Sock Factory. You will find many other cosy goods of high quality but once “socked” by Lindner Socks, you will be back for more.


Mad Hatters Crookwell - mad about decoratives

Remember Ali Baba and that cave of treasures, well Mat Hatters is a treasure trove for decorative ornaments and things that make you go aaaah. This quaint little shop mesmerises you with what they fit in such a small space. There’s also gear for the guys.

" There are gifts and trinkets, garden goodies, and comfort treasures to be found plus good old country service with a smile "


The Cottage - Ravenscroft

Why not experience the ambience of Crookwell for a weekend and stay close by the shopping and food with The Cottage Ravenscroft being just a 5 minute walk away.

Just 5 minutes walk away from Crookwell shopping and cafes.

This luxurious self-contained cottage is set in the sprawling garden of the Ravenscroft homestead, one of the original properties in the district.

"I wanted a place for people to completely switch off, relax and enjoy the country surroundings"

Kate Hinton - Owner

Call Kate on 0438 447 333 to enjoy all that Crookwell has to offer and stay awhile at Ravenscroft - The Cottage.

Book online at

" One thing that makes Crookwell unique is the authentic experience of a country town without travelling too far. "

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