"I wanted a place for people to completely switch off" 

Kate Hinton ~ Owner

Chris and Kate Hinton bought Ravenscroft Homestead in Crookwell New South Wales, to make it a place of hospitality and excitement. They were captured by the beauty of the Crookwell district and the welcoming, friendly community.

They hope you will feel as warmly received as they have.

Kate and Chris moved to the country just 7 years ago and adore the cool climate and magnificent rural panorama of Crookwell. Kate has a hospitality background and Chris is a horticulturist, so Ravenscroft seemed the perfect fit.

They have enjoyed designing and renovating the cottage to be a stylish stay while retaining the old world charm of the homestead and gardens. Their vision is to make Ravenscroft a spectacular place to visit and are pleased that visitors notice the peacefulness there.

They hope you can escape to the country now and then and stay awhile at Ravenscroft. You are very welcome.